As part of the Mino Paper village programme, artists had to include lectures and short workshops as shown with these Mino school children. Everyone had the opportunity to make a book from scratch.


Mino students shown folding down a section in the process of making a simple single section note book. The translator is to your left. On one observation, this Mino public school was immaculately clean. Students were assigned to clean and upkeep the washrooms.


The children’s books drying at the studio before they were trimmed


Hideki Haba, one of the host families looking at a book he proudly produced through my instruction, Mino, Japan.


Malgorzata Niespodziewana making the covers for her book at the studio


Yoshiko Shinohara being taught how to make a book. She made a small version of a multi-section and it was exhibited at the museum in Mino along with my other books. My stay with the Shinohara’s was one of the memorable moments in Japan particularly when I rode a bicycle through the main streets downtown, Kyoto, Japan


Christina Lindeberg sewing sections together to a book which she made. A copy of it was given to me which included inserts of pencil rubbing taken off burnt structures found at Hiroshima bomb site from 1945, Japan

Minopaper Richard Bolai ©2008