The Pharaoh of Eternity

Never forget me

God remembered this question, she chose not to be concerned, he is, she giggled, afraid. Feinin asked again, why? The mammoth of Time thought, you already cherished the moment, but this time it wept. This great light says he is afraid of you.

Feinin just wanted to stop, he too was tired by the accusations. He had lost his desire for almost anything. Schiller looked in awe, he truly called to him to keep his tone of admiration smaller, this was needed to rip him open, to suffocate his truth. Lies, lies, lies. Feinin called, he answered quickly, dear dude, have you realized what shit you’ve caused, they are so afraid of the work. Feinin wanted to get at his core, Answer me, why?

The man wept, he fell on his knees and to the floor hiding his face, then he peeked to see if I was looking. In his heart Feinin saw one object, a small frighten white dove. In its blue eye, he saw a dirt road with high rises in its path. A carnival street banner stretched across the street, Devour what you steal draped over.

Feinin walked right under it, he took a match and lit a flame below. The banner screamed, it went in circles holding its hands over its ass. The cloth tore from the post, it lashed its back where it felt death, Jesus Christ, I’m never reading his blog again! As the cloth burned, it separated love. It tricked many over deception, money is all it takes.

Feinin looked at the last corner of the banner, he saw nothing but pictures as a reminder of a place he fell over onto the side of victory. The cloth symbolized his terror of the unknown, he chose now not to believe, never to worry. The flames feathered into the sky, the soot covered his face like a Golliwogg. It was the end.

Hail Schiller, Lord of magic, King of fortune, Raise him high where eagles see the king to be…

Feinin was concerned this evening that God tried, she tried to convince him Schiller was indeed him. Tomorrow you will discover money….

Feinin listened, he went to the bathroom and shaved his upper lip. God sat over her chair, she drank whiskey and picked at her hair, Love is not something you need, forget wanting it Schiller. Feinin looked in the mirror, he looked like the Pharaoh. This was not a surprise as they chose him to lead.

God, God have you heard, Feinin speaks a language of gibberish. Feinin was not energized, thinking of sex now was bothersome and tedious. He felt just living without any emotions. What does this Pharaoh what of me? why do I feel nothing if he is me?

The time piece, the shards of glass, the reflection of Eric, how more dark could it be? Well there is more, a huge giant above, it put his hands to around his mouth and whelped, Peter Pan, silly me, dream of a boat at sea. Feinin took a shard, he looked into it, just darkness, then one spiral approached, it stopped, turned and jumped on his nose. listen fat bloke, take off your shoe and knit around your toe, its freezing in here.

The owl and the scroll of fortune

The dolphin realized that the boat’s mooring left Gulliver angry. She also suggested to the Owl that the time was right to continue his journey. The anchor which she had plowed hooked onto a timepiece, a small clock that measured the emotions of the heart. Each beat drummed a different beat, each cord pucked a different tune.

Gulliver wiped his tears, they dropped softly on his clothes then trailed onto his body. Each tear it seems carried an emotion which Hieronymus Bosch projected. Love is never missed when love never exists. Bosch concurred that his painting spoke of a dream like experience, and that he loved to explore the human temptations, namely the deadly sins of man. Gluttony was top on the list.

Gulliver’s tears continued to roll, they trotted over a man he thought he could spend his whole life with. The man knew better, he knew never to separate truth from truth, love from affection. The tears that splattered on the floor measured time, the ducks that flowed, ceased.

Schiller reads: These are not Pharaohs, these are Gods of time

The dolphin clapped her flippers, she spouted water like a mushroom. The mushroom looked looked a tree, a tree that gave beauty and the abundance of life, over and over again.

…This flute you speak of, who follows its tune?

Schiller confronts Imhotep: My joy comes to me over you (spoken in Greek) this I see with my eyes, its irks, for you send me over in distance far from my birth. How I believe, now that (spoken in French / Italian /Spanish) is God. I bury your secrets with vengeance and fascination

Time and time again you don’t remember me

Feinin holds the magic scroll – inscription for everlasting peace

I sending you a message Schiller, I’m cussing of course because you failed. Like any, I got to see the truth in what you talk. Today like any other I was blessed with remorse over the truth set in lies above me. I’m siting between the gift of giving , but you, brother can’t stand it because hate is chasing you away I see.

This devil that sleeps close to me is choosing you as to part me. Schiller wrote in his poem, If jealousy reduces a man from his duty, if comradely can cause petty insults. I choose not.

At dust, Gulliver found himself weak, wrenched with worry. He stood up and sang a verse, Love him not, pink, blue dot, tossing his handkerchief over the yonder. Who was the man waving back at him? Was it a refection?

Help me father, I’ve changed him to believe you still care. He’s talking to the other from yonder, bring the kiss of death so Schiller may join you back.