A study of illusion and reality, parody, humour and humanity

I am quite astonished by this feinin. It is striking to a leader who rained over a nation wide and far, so as to change my fate in my thinking and purpose. The feeling is unexplainable but euphoric in every sense. I look with glee, beauty and compassion. Charm, enlightenment, persistence, nurturing , folly, praise, continuum, sudden death, dammed. [the feinin of Julius Caesar ]

Richard Bolai works today as an artist relating to the theory of language, illusion that is feininoptic and prophetical. Yet his works are viewed as redial. He goes by the name. Feinin

Trained as a bookbinder, Richard Bolai produces art books that functional and tactile at the sometime. The Japanese residency was an experience which he remembers today with humour and fond memories under tepid circumstances.


Feinin Books c/o Richard Bolai

Trinidad, W. I.


Minopaper Richard Bolai ©2008