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The messy worktable shows one of the many books made at the residency. Most of the books followed the guidelines of Japanese binding. The sample here could fold out but could also stand freely.


An accordion book securely closed with a peg


The book covers that show the influence of the place


The book with its folds opened out using coloured fibres from raw kozo


This book was constructed as a stand that couls support the back. The sections where attached together using part of the frame.


This book looked like a miniature folding screen which hinged together and allowed it to fold open. It was free standing and found metals plates were attached to it.


Here I worked around the idea of an Emperor book. The book was encased in a free standing cage


The stand that locked the book


A cloth silk accordion book


A rather delicate book using washi folds inserted with threads and embedded collages. The beauty of it was to see it in the light.


Simple folds secured by a wooden peg


A book made for Karen Havskov Jensen at during the mino paper village, Artist in residency, 2002


A washi book on display at the Washi museum, Mino, Japan, 2002


Searching for a bookbinder in koyto, Japan 2002, and getting a few hints to how Japanese covers are assembled

Minopaper Richard Bolai ©2008


Richard Bolai [Feinin]

I am a trained Bookbinder which in 2002, I went on a three month residency relating to Washi paper making. According to the Japan Foundation, the Mino Paper Village is considered one of the most sort after residencies offered in japan. This website is aimed to give an incite of it but also as an appreciation of the beauty of washi. The Mino Paper Project's focus is to export the craft of washi paper internationally, but also it learns from artists many other ways the paper may be used

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