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The books below are samples of work I had done since the paper residency. It gives a general idea of how the washi paper has been used and of the Japanese influences


This is a series of elongated journals which the covers were made using a fine coloured washi which were the ends of a tissue type paper I brought back from Mino


Small journals with covers made from sheets of washi I worked on during the paper residency


There is another sample of the texture of the paper used as covers


A synthetic washi meshed as a cover of this backed book


Covers made with a type of washi mesh


Covers using Japanese doll paper and inlay with silver washi thread


Covers using strands of coloured kozo and lined with washi thread


One of my artbooks using Japanese doll paper as it covers


an artist drawing book using washi thread and kozo


Resin covers with washi tissue paper and inlay with washi thread


A leather backed book using patterns related to Japanese paper


small handbooks influence by Japanese patterns


A lamp installation using washi plates

Minopaper Richard Bolai ©2008


Richard Bolai [Feinin]

I am a trained Bookbinder which in 2002, I went on a three month residency relating to Washi paper making. According to the Japan Foundation, the Mino Paper Village is considered one of the most sort after residencies offered in japan. This website is aimed to give an incite of it but also as an appreciation of the beauty of washi. The Mino Paper Project's focus is to export the craft of washi paper internationally, but also it learns from artists many other ways the paper may be used

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